Press Sec: Obama Thinks Gun Control Will Deter Terrorists



…… I mean what do you say to this kind of foolishness? The imperial regime is simply going to get more people killed with this outlandish anti-gun agenda. Like criminals, terrorists by their very nature do not follow any laws. At this point why not make a law saying all laws have to be followed or else?! The absurdity coming from our leadership is dangerous where all they do is empower those seeking to kill.

There are no laws that could have stopped the terrorist attack in San Bernardino. CA has some of the strictest laws in the entire country. No law will deter anyone from doing anything. All weapons could be banned tomorrow morning, the Second Amendment repealed and you can bet crime committed with firearms will continue if not rise. By the way if liberals got their way will they also ban machine shops? Will they run daily inspections of any facility capable of manufacturing weapons? The Propaganda Minister and his boss are simply delusional living in a bubble of security.

Darth Hussein™ has 13 months left in power where he and his cronies are going to push hard on gun control and all the other boxes that still need to be checked off. He has been looking for an angle to go after gun rights and this terrorist attack opens the door for him to justify making it harder to get guns AND ammunition. We haven’t heard much on that front but it is coming. News regs and fees HE DOESN’T NEED Congressional approval for are coming. These people in the imperial obama regime do not care about infringing on our rights. They’ve already divided the nation on many issues they have no problem tearing it apart.