Obama: Executive Actions on Gun Control “Within My Legal Authority”

Obama is wasting no time with his 2016 resolution to do as much damage as possible against the Second Amendment. Here he is meeting with Atty Gen Lynch (aka Eric Holder 2.0 (thank you US Senate)) making it clear the recommendations he received (by whom??) are well within his legal authority. What legal authority would that be since the Executive Branch has no power to make laws? Oh wait as warned he will use the DOJ ATF and other regime agencies to punish law-abiding gun owners via regs and fees while Congress again stands idly by.

Fear not America because Speaker Ryan said “the country will not stand for it” and Rep Kinzinger said on Fox today they’ll “take him to court“! Ooooh I’m sure Barry is quaking in his shoes!

One year left of this monster in office America. One year to do as much damage as possible fulfilling his promise of fundamental transformation. If this were a republican president going after the left they’d be in the streets marching, protesting, holding sit-ins, recall elections etc. But the right, you’re too busy to do anything using the lame unfounded excuse that you have responsibilities and leftists don’t so that’s why they can protest all the time. Making excuses instead of getting active boys and girls will be your undoing. The left is willing to put there tails on the line for what they believe in unlike the right who plays it safe. This is why “we” lose all the time on issues.