Kirsten Powers Blames Congress to Justify Obama Power Grab on Gun Control

Yes, Kirsten Powers just made the argument that since obama can’t go through Congress to get his radical agenda through it’s okay for him to use Executive Orders and violate the Separation of Powers! Obama doesn’t have the legal authority to do what he wants if said actions infringe on our rights especially the Second Amendment which the Founders explicitly made it clear “… shall not be infringed”!

What’s even worse, as Dana Loesch points out, the regime is letting criminals loose who have committed crimes with firearms! Darth Hussein™ is creating a bigger problem of gun crime while refusing to follow the law.

We have Congress to thank for these power grabs because they have done nothing to stop him. Then they go on tv whining, complaining and threatening to take obama to court for the power grabs they did nothing to stop! What Congress needs to do is grow a pair and put impeachment on the table!