Pres Crybaby Lets Crocodile Tears Flow Dancing on Graves of Dead to Justify Gun Grab


As if my blood pressure wasn’t already spiking from Darth Hussein™ outright lying about guns today, blood practically shot out of my eyes when he started crying. This master of propaganda turned on the fake crocodile tears as he invoked danced on the graves of dead children, from Sandy Hook, to justify his power grab on gun control.

All this guy is doing is opening backdoor channels for gun registry while denying people their Second Amendment rights.

Are you a:
New mom with baby blues?
Soldier with PTSD?
Seeking counseling over a divorce or death etc?

Guess what your Second Amendment rights can be taken away WITHOUT due process under Mr Constitutional Attorneys Executive Orders. (This is another gift from obamacare)
Obama cries during gun violence speech1
Yea yea obama says people can keep their guns and won’t lose their rights. Just keep in mind he is the same president who said “if you like your health insurance plan you can keep your health insurance plan.”

As warned obama has one year left, this is just the beginning as gun control is the last thing on his list to check off. Don’t hold your breath for Congress to act either they’ve done nothing to date to stop him.