Rush: Obama Deputizing Doctors As ‘Agents of the State’, Veterans Will Be Targets to Lose Guns

Obama’s new power grab on gun control has put light back on how bad obamacare is which will be used as a tool to disarm law-abiding Americans denying them of due process. Doctors are permitted under barackobamacare to ask patients whether they own guns, where they’re stored etc. Veterans who are getting treatment for PTSD will be prime targets as well as others seeking mental health aid.

Declaring people mentally ill (seeking counseling for divorce, death of loved ones, PTSD etc) or putting us on watchlists is all that this govt will need to take ones Second Amendment rights away and it all will be done minus due process. You see America as STR warned obama will not directly go after your gun rights he will use every tool he has to go around it and Congress.