AP Reporter Rips Out Obama Admin For Living in Fantasyland Over Failed Foreign Policy

AP’s Matt Lee (one of the few real reporters lefts) called out the regimes State Dept Propaganda Director for another failure of the obama imperial regimes foreign policy following reports of N Korea setting off a hydrogen bomb. This John Kirby, a fmr US Navy Rear Admiral, is a disgrace to the uniform he wore making excuses for the dangerous world obama/ Clinton/ Kerry foreign policy are creating.

They aren’t going to recognize NK as a nuclear armed state but will deal with their efforts to become one?? How? The same way other admins have by doing nothing too? Their people were starved and they still continued with their nuclear weapons program! Nobody respects let alone fears the US anymore because of the damage obama has done. If they deal with NK as they have Russia, Iran and ISIS don’t be surprised when Seoul or Tokyo are glowing in the dark a few years from now.

Our enemies are building up their nuclear arsenal, ISIS is developing remote operated car bombs, surface to air missiles while obama is more concerned with disarming the American people. God help this country…