Phila Police Confirm Attack on Officer Was For Islamic State

Philadelphia Police have announced the officer, Jesse Hartnett, who was ambushed last night in an attempted assassination was carried out by an islamic radical in allegiance with IS (islamic state). The terrorist is in custody after being shot and confessed he did this in the name of islam.

Hartnett is in serious condition after being fired on 11 times but thankfully was only hit 3 times in the arm.

The gun used was not bought at a gun show, online or any of the other lies obama likes to use but stolen from a police officers home a few years ago! So you see gun grabbers whether it’s a criminal, mentally ill or a terrorist they will get their hands on a gun. There is NO LAW, regulation or whatever you conjure up that will stop them!

How many more attacks will we see in the US until our leaders take the threat of islamic radicals seriously? IS is here America make no mistake about it. Maybe now people will see exactly why Americans panic and go into buying frenzies when obama calls for more gun control. Govt and law enforcement cannot protect us, we have to have the ability to defend ourselves.