WH: “Wouldn’t Rule Out” Further Executive Actions On Gun Control


Not even 24 hours after the Guns In America “town hall” meeting and news of another terrorist attack on US soil the regime continues with its anti-gun agenda. Minister of Propaganda Josh (Dis)Earnest admits obama has done as much as he can, but he wouldn’t rule out further actions.

Wait didn’t he just say obama did everything he could? What more could he do then Josh? What drastic measures is obama holding back on?

WARNING AMERICA when another mentally ill individual goes on a rampage killing innocent people obama will issue EA’s dems have been demanding. Said it here repeatedly he has one year left and gun control is the last thing on his bucket list to check off. Remember before every major power grab “town halls” were held where we were told one thing but we got what we didn’t want; perfect example, “if you like your healthcare plan you can keep your healthcare plan”. Obama HATES the fact that the people are as well armed as we are. According to John R Lott, an expert on gun rights, obama told him he doesn’t think any of us should have a gun.

You’ve seen the damage and power agencies like the BLM and EPA have that Congress has no say over. Don’t think for a second the ATF which falls under the Executive Branch won’t be empowered with new rules and regs to make gun owners lives miserable. And if Hillary get’s elected all of obama’s Executive Actions stay in force to most likely be enforced with additional ones she creates.