Ted Nugent: ‘Freak’ Obama and His Admin ‘Is the Enemy of Freedom’

It has been a while since we heard Uncle Ted thunder away on obama but he has not missed a beat. Appearing on Joe Pags radio show, responding to obamas “town-hall” on gun control, Nugent more or less destroyed obama and his admin for the “criminal oath violations” committed against the United States. Almost everything Nugent said is worth noting, here are just few:

‘Criminal oath violating infringements… of the commander-in-chief as the worst scam artist, as the most deceitful dishonest commander-in-chief this country has ever known and it breaks our hearts’

‘This is the planet of the bizarro cuckoos nest and the president represents anti-logic, anti-freedom, anti-America and horrifically ANTI-humanity! His entire administration / gang is completely out of control..’

‘The president is a freak, he is a Saul Alinsky master of puppetry’

‘The President loves gun free zones. The most innocent lives in the United States of America have been lost in every instance in gun free zones. Now contemplate this next statement. Knowing that the most innocent lives are lost in gun free zones, what kind of evil facilitating complicit FREAK would want more gun free zones?’

Ted is so dead on he must make liberals heads explode when posts like this go viral (hint hint)! Everything he says in this interview is correct as he also take shots at ‘liar’ Hillary Clinton, ‘freak’ Bernie Sanders, ‘bloodsucking’ entitlement class, the liberal academia & media. All of which are acting in their best interests while screwing the rest of us.

Americans need to wake up. What more will it take after 7 years of this monster occupying the people’s house (and his enablers holding office for decades) for people to get off their tails to stop taking this abuse? These people work for us yet make our lives miserable infringing on our rights 24/7 telling us what to do what we can or can’t say etc! We need to throw as many of them out this election cycle as we can and regardless of what happens at the ballot box get an Article V Convention of the States going. As for the media academia even Hollywood we have to punish them in the wallet, cut the funds off, boycott their advertisers bring the fight to their front door as they have done to us. If not then take a match to the Constitution, turn in your Bibles, surrender your guns and let the left dictate the rest of you and your family’s lives!