Mark Levin Warns Republican Establishment Plotting to Prevent Trump or Cruz From Getting Nomination

We are going to get screwed again by the same clowns who forced McCain and Romney on us! This is a very important clip everyone needs to hear and share as Mark Levin accurately lays out how the elitists in DC are plotting for a possible convention takeover if things remain status quo with no clear primary winner before July!

In this insane world we live in it is not far-fetched to believe the GOPe would stoop to such a low to select who they want to run for POTUS in a brokered convention. Trump is attacking everyone, mainly Cruz, so while they beat each other up the other candidates who don’t really have a chance are staying in the race in the hopes they will get selected. Right now if all six stay in the race no one will win enough delegates to win the nomination which will result in a brokered convention as Levin explains.

Ben Carson, John Kasich and Jeb Bush need to get out after the South Carolina Primary… the lying Marco Rubio needs to go too! This country deserves to see real debates solely between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. As long as the bottom feeders stay in the race We the People are denied seeing said debate to make a rational clear choice. Because of the bottom feeders selfishness, sorry that is what it is, this plot Levin warns about becomes highly plausible with a candidate NO ONE will want except the elites.

FYI if you haven’t heard Levin is launching his own TV show, LevinTv, to offer a voice for conservatism that is lacking in the media, including Fox which has gone full center left!