Trump Was For Amnesty Before He Was Against It

Waaaayyy back in ancient times of 2013 Trump tweeted out he was in favor of amnesty as long as the border was secure and immigration stopped.


That is a complete 180° from the rhetoric we hear from Trump now…

This guy is all over the place with his positions. By the way what he is suggesting now to deport 11 million illegals and then let them back in through some “great bog door” is what we call touchback amnesty! If this was any other candidate Trump, his followers and the media, that is protecting him (for now), would be screaming bloody murder! Regardless of how he contradicts himself daily his supporters continue to back him clearly proving he could stand in the middle of the 5th Avenue and shoot someone!

And no Trump supporters this is not an attack. This is called vetting the candidate, something the majority of you were screaming about that wasn’t being done to obama now people are doing it to Trump and you’re PO’d! Seriously!?