Sen Sessions: 97% of Unaccompanied Illegal Alien Minors Evade Deportation Through Admin Lawlessness

The biggest problem with the border is not the lack of a wall… is it this administration ordering Border Patrol and ICE to stand down. It has gotten so bad it is to a point now where illegals are not evading but going to agents because they know they won’t be sent home, especially minors from Central America. They don’t show up for court because they know no one is going to come looking for them, again because of this administration.

BTW anyone realize Mexico with its great immigration policy is NOT enforcing it because all these illegals are just passing through to come into the US!? Didn’t think of that way did you? This is just one example demonstrating Mexican govt is NOT a friend to America and playing a hand in compromising our sovereignty! That is another failure on the part of this lawless administration.

The obama regime has been ringing the amnesty bell for years and while we’re all distracted with Clinton’s recent scandal, Trump and Rubio calling everyone a liar when their record and words are cited the border remains WIDE OPEN unenforced no thanks to barack obama!

For those of you in LE and govt fyi, last time I checked it is a felony punishable to 10 years in FEDERAL prison for aiding and abetting illegal aliens…(hint hint to readers to do your homework as I did to know this!). DO YOUR DAMN JOB if you get into trouble go public the people will back you!