Trump Loves to Brag About Himself, So Wheres the $6 Million He Raised For Vets?

Fact: Donald Trump loves to talk about himself whether its polls, ratings, projects, his money and other accomplishments. He loves to get in front of cameras and tell us all how great he is.

If you recall Trump passed appearing on Fox News’ GOP debate, instead he held a fundraiser for veterans. He bragged and bragged about it making everyone know about the event where he and his donors raised $6 million for our veterans, but ever then since he hasn’t said a word!?

Again let me remind you this is the same guy who loves being in front of cameras, calling into shows, Tweeting out daily telling us all how GREAAT he is. Why has Trump gone dark about this money he and his donors raised for our veterans?

You would think based on his record he would be all over the place bragging about what he did with the money. Trump would be standing side by side with veterans and heads of the 22 veteran groups (list below) selected to be recipients for pictures and video of said donations but there’s nothing!? Remember this is the same Trump who has brought outspoken fans and supporters, who handled protesters, up on stage with him at rallies but to this day not a word is said about the $6 million he raised?! Not one appearance on Fox, MSNBC, CNN, CBS etc or a mention at the countless number of rallies he has held. I mean the headlines, videos and pictures should be all over the net right now, yet there’s nothing there but vids of the event.

Wheres the money Donald? Show us the money or are you too busy keeping it under The Donald J Trump Foundation earning you a ton of interest first before you give it to our vets you used as political pawns!?


To the organizations listed below, have you received money from the Trump fundraiser?

American Hero Adventures in Eugene, OR
Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Charitable Service Trust in Cold Spring, KY
Fisher House Foundation in Rockville, MD
Folds of Honor in Owasso, Oklahoma
Homes for our Troops in Taunton, MA
America’s Warriors in El Reno, OK
Hope for the Warriors in Annandale, VA
K9 for Warriors in Ponte Vedra, FL
Liberty House in Manchester, NH
Mulberry Street Veterans Shelter in Des Moines, IA
Seal Foundation in Virginia Beach, VA
Operation Homefront in Quincy, MA
Partners for Patriots in Liberty, TN
Projects for Patriots in Sioux City, IA
Puppy Jake in Des Moines, IA
Racing for Heroes in Mill Hall, PA
Support Siouxland Soldiers in Sioux City, IA
Task Force Dagger Foundation in McKinney, TX
The Green Beret Foundation in San Antonio, TX
Veterans Airlift Command in St. Louis Park, MN
Warriors for Freedom in Stillwater, OK
22Kill in Dallas, TX

Update 3/4/16: Only $800K has been accounted for so the question remains where is the money Donald?
Update 4/23/16: It’s been 3 months since Trump pulled an obama and used our troops as props. Question remains WHERES THE MONEY Donald? HotAir reports only half the money has been given out to the groups listed.
Mediaite reported that Trumps campaign advisor for veteran affairs doesn’t know where the money is either.
For someone who wants to be POTUS and claims he is the best choice to run govt, Trump isn’t showing it when he can’t even get funds distributed out to the vets he pandered to…