Biden 2005: “No President is Entitled to the Appointment of Anyone He Nominates”

Uncle Joe setting the record straight in 2005 but progressives expect us to do as they say not as they do. With obama nominating Merrick Garland to succeed Justice Scalia dems of course are up in arms that the GOP is saying no confirmation hearings and the next president should choose his successor.

For the record there is nothing in the Constitution that says the Senate has to approve whomever the president nominates. So if anything to shut the democrats up the GOP should have the hearings and vote NO on Garland. Many people on both sides don’t realize the Senate GOP is taking a big risk they don’t get credit for by delaying a replacement for Scalia. If Hillary was to win we can only imagine the nightmare appointment(s) she would make who could very well get confirmed!

Regardless dems need to shut up on this issue. They cannot preach about stopping confirmations when they held power and now whine about repubs only doing what they said to do.