Clinton: ‘I’ve Been The Most Transparent Public Official in Modern Times’

Grab some duct tape to keep the blood from shooting out of your eyeballs after hearing this pack of lies from the Butcher of Benghazi! And whats with progressives always smiling and laughing when questioned and answering serious issues!? Hillary is a disgrace, she should be in jail.

It does not matter whether the emails were sent or received she was in possession of and negligently handled them.

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You wanna know why Hillary can get away with saying all this? Because those of us “in the know” account for less than 1% of the population, right or left. This is why countless lemmings flock to politicians believing every word they speak. I know this as fact because I’ve been told by people not in the political loop, they just aren’t interested in any of what is going on. How we reach people who are not engaged politically to be as informed as we are is beyond me. I can tell you we are few and far between and because of that deceptive, lying politicians stay in power.