Romney: Nominating Trump Has ‘Profound Consequences’

Mitt Romney is 4 years too late to show a “tough side”. He played the Mr Nice Guy playbook against obama and had his clock cleaned in 2012. There is no logical reason for Romney to come out today against Trump since there were no endorsements and the timing right before Fox’s GOP Debate is too convenient. GOP Establishment is in complete chaos probably sending him out to be the bully since Marco has backed off. But besides some of the legit warnings Romney issued what other ‘profound consequences’ are there? Don’t be surprised if there is a fight at the convention and Mitt puts his hand up as an alternative option. If Trump, Cruz or Rubio in fact wins/ earns the right to be the nominee only to have it stolen from them by the Whig Party (GOP) prepare for all hell to break loose. Many of us expect that to happen in Philly at the DNC convention but with the way things are going it may happen in Cleveland.

Mitt BACK OFF, we have enough problems with this primary as it is. We don’t need a loser inserting himself in this race too.