Clinton Says Families of Benghazi Victims Are Wrong ‘Video Did Play a Role’ in Attack

Patricia Smith’s story has never changed. Charles Woods story has never changed. The Heroes of Benghazi stories have never changed. Clinton on the other hand couldn’t tell the truth if her family’s lives depended on it.

NO ONE in the Libya WATCHED that anti-muslim video prior to 9/11/12. The stats from the original video proved it.

Benghazi Anti-Muslim Vid Stats

Clinton continues to lie now making this claim (I’ve never heard) that one of the lead terrorists when captured admitted “…it was both a terrorist attack and it was influenced by the video.” WTH!?

Hey Trey Gowdy, Jason Chaffetz and Congress great work with all those hearings, allowing Clinton to manipulate you all. At least it opened the door to discovering she was trying to destroy and hide evidence with a private email server and being in possession of 2000 classified documents.

That said, to those serving the people at the DOJ and FBI, do you damn job indict and PROSECUTE this liar.

America if Clinton is not indicted and prosecuted that will be the final indicator the US has two sets of rules: One for the ruling elite allowing them to get away with committing crimes the other set for us to be convicted of doing the same. It will also confirm the US is a Banana Republic ruled by cronyism and criminals. God help us all as we go through that dark tunnel, it’s going to get bad!