Rep Westmoreland: NY Times Article on Benghazi “Laying the Groundwork” for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Run

The New York Slimes being a propaganda arm of the imperial empire is laying the groundwork for Clinton’s 2016 presidential run. I have no doubt they would start this early with this kind of propaganda. As many in the GOP are upset with the false allegations coming from NYT’s David Kirkpatrick’s report I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you!

The story was dying out and now it is getting a second wind taking center stage again! Maybe those on the right will start asking the right questions mainly WHY was Steven’s and company in Benghazi in the first place?! Those following the Benghazi attack know in your gut after you put the pieces together this regime was engaged in running guns into the middle east. This is what the left is trying to cover up and distract people on by getting everyone to fight over whether a video NO ONE watched was the cause of the attack. Don’t take my word for it see for yourself…

Muhammad Movie Trailer stats… this spike in views happened AFTER the attack. Oh Youtube nice job on tweaking the months to make it appear otherwise. Luckily I have this screenshot from the first video “Life of Muhammad” uploaded Jul 1 2012 which has a slightly better breakdown of the views original anti-muslim video stats Now ask yourself if the muslim world was so upset about this video wouldn’t the spike in views have taken place BEFORE September and NOT October? Of course so but the radicals infesting every corner in the media and govt want to push their lie that this crap video was the cause.

The more lies they push about this attack the deeper and bigger the real scandal of gun running is into the middle east which has Hillary and obama’s fingerprints all over!