MSDNC Panel Makes Fun of Romney’s Black Adopted Grandchild

These people have no shame, everything is a joke to them. Someone ought to remind Melissa Harris Perry no matter how much she denies it she is half white! Now if that was a member of the imperial regime and this was a segment on Fox where the panel made fun of the family you know the progressive radicals would be screaming bloody murder! So I ask the right why do you sit idly by silent? You complain about the double standards playing by the lefts rules, who said you have to play by their rules? Afraid they might call you some names, accuse of things they haven’t accused you of… yet? Oh I know you don’t want to stoop to their level right?

You do realize as you hold your head up high not stooping to their level all you’re really doing is holding you head up high and back from the bloody nose they just dished out. Complain about the double standards and political correctness but do nothing about it! STOP PLAYING THEIR GAME! Go on the attack call these closet communists out!