Sheriff Clarke: Slavery Ended Because Blacks Were Armed – ‘I Will Die Fighting’ For The Constitution

Keep in mind boys and girls democrats are the ones whose hands are covered in blood with slavery and keeping blacks and whites disarmed. Why so many blacks continue to support the democrat party is beyond me. Democrat race hustlers push lies and a defeatist narrative to their constituents so they can retain power while doing absolutely nothing. Poverty and crime rates remain high while dem overseers point the finger of blame at republicans, white privilege and of course the gun industry with regards to crime. Going forward slavery isn’t just a black thing its a black and white thing of the ruling elite against we the people!

A vote for Hillary Clinton will just continue this nightmare where she and the democrats will work tirelessly to take away our rights so many fought for and like Clarke are willing to fight for. Stop voting for career politicians, R’s& D’s, before they run this country down so badly we’ll all be enslaved.