124 Illegal Aliens Have Been Charged With Murder AFTER BEING RELEASED Since 2010

The obama regime has put killers back on the streets of America because he wants anarchy, chaos and the people divided. As of now the anarchy and chaos open the door for power grabs for obama and whomever succeeds him. By dividing the people it opens the door for radicals to rise to power to secede him. The only solution to stop all of this is a POTUS who will have the right government under him that will actually enforce the law. Ive heard only one candidate who embraces the rule of law and the Constitution. The others hint of it and the loudest of candidates NEVER speaks of the rule of law and Constitution.

So before you go touting Trump will build a wall, that still doesn’t solve this problem and frankly for those in complete denial he wants touchback amnesty. Trump has said it repeatedly in his countless incoherent speeches illegals have to go out but will come back in through his glorious golden doors. Well many of those illegals who are criminals have yet to be caught in the US. So how many them are killing Americans that he will let back in? Enforce the laws and having an actually immigration plan is what Trump doesn’t possess. Building a wall has been passed by Congress in 2006 so its not a solution to all the other problems. If laws aren’t enforced that wall will accomplish nothing. Last thing we need is to put the wrong guy or girl into the White House who has no respect for the rule of law.