Ben Carson is a Sellout!

Was going to keep to myself after news broke Dr Carson decided to back Trump but after what he said on the Steve Malzberg show I cannot restrain myself.

Ben Carson defines sellout. I’ll go step further calling him certified fraud who never had any intention of getting into the White House. His presidential run was nothing more than to build on his name recognition, sell books and land an appointment in whomever wins the election…

Carson’s words and actions prove everything I say to be admitting to an advisory position in the Trump admin (if elected). Then to make matters worse he tells Malzberg “ehh it’s only 4 years if Trump turns out to be bad”… are you kidding me Ben obama did an incredible amount of damage in his first 4 years!?

Carson betrayed all of his followers and supporters who should demand their money back (if they gave to a Carson PAC)!

The signs were there that he was a fraud never being aggressive, just going with the flow, then he takes time off campaigning to plug his book (I DON’T CARE IF ANYONE ELSE RUNNING HAD A BOOK OUT). There is no way this man with his beliefs and alleged principles could do a complete 180° like he did if he was legit. This is not about Trump, it’s about Carson’s character and integrity which he has none to support a man who treated him so badly, calling him pathological, with regards to being violent, and comparing him to a child molester.