Cavuto Battles Clueless Million Student March Organizer Who Says ‘Capitalism Has Proven Itself Illegitimate’

Cavuto got into a heated battle with an organizer, Darletta Scruggs, of the Million Student March who are calling for free college tuition.

We saw this stupidity and ignorance in the past from another young socialist on Cavuto who is part of this movement for free everything paid by the rich. This time around Darletta Scruggs, a hardened Sanders supporter, demonstrates how clueless and reckless liberal progressives are when it comes to understanding basic economics. She and her ilk want to see defense cuts made to cover free college tuition but in every attempt Cavuto tried to rationalize that the numbers don’t add up she wouldn’t accept them. When he called her out about raising taxes she countered that she only wants taxes on the rich raised… well genius explain to us what’s going to happen when that well dries up? Raising taxes on the rich who employ people will not last. As I’ve argued they will eventually automate, close up shop and/or take their money and retire. Attacking the rich will not solve the problems with our economy. This dolt doesn’t understand the problem is govt getting in the way of capitalism through high taxes and regulations which prevent them from investing more thus creating more jobs at better wages.

This mindless socialist said that it’s not her job to work the budget yet she’s part an effort that has looked at it enough to conclude cutting defense spending will pay for free school! How does that work exactly? You say the money is there but then don’t want to explain how to get there?

Maybe this drone, this product of the liberal progressive takeover of America hasn’t noticed but the world is not a place. ISIS continues to rise, increasing the reach of their caliphate. China is building up their military where it’s just a matter of time until there is an incursion in the Pacific. Russia is poking at us, having bombers fly close to US territory or flying over our ships in acts of intimidation. North Korea is threatening to nuke us every other month. WHY should we cut defense or any other program for that matter to provide free college tuition?!

Why does everyone have to go to college? Let’s be honest not everyone is cut out for it to begin with. The majority of those who have a degree can’t get a job because there aren’t any OR enter a field that has nothing to do with their major! College is overrated, all the arguments to get a degree today in this day in age no longer hold water. People are self educating because of capitalism aka the internet. Frankly if you’re not going to college to get into a career that demands a higher degree like medical, science, engineering, law then you’re wasting your time and money! Colleges and universities are nothing but liberal progressive indoctrination camps. This fool, those she surrounds herself and have enabled are proof people aren’t getting educated. You think she got this leftist mentality on her own? Maybe but there’s a high probability liberal educators and academia warped her mind.

By the way if college is made free it will diminish the value of a higher education. It will be equal to getting a HS degree and you can be sure those in power will make it easier to get a degree too! If you want to go to college to get a degree in pop culture YOU PAY FOR IT.