Cavuto Schools Student Who Wants Free College and Has No Clue How to Pay For It

The activity taking place at colleges and universities stinks of coordination that only a community organizer could put together. While these institutions are dealing with charges of racism there is another movement, Million Students March, who are calling for:

1) Free public college
2) Cancellation of student debt
3) $15 hour min wage for people who work on campus

Not surprising Cavuto methodically dismantles this CHILD, Keely Mullen, demonstrating she has no clue what the hell she is talking about. Mullen is clearly regurgitating the progressive bullshit that is pushed in 99% of the colleges and universities aka progressive indoctrination camps. Her attacks on successful hard-working Americans demanding the rich to pay for everything is fantasy. Even if all the money is taken from the rich it’s still not enough to pay for the free stuff these little marxists want.

College is not a right and frankly it’s a “requirement” created by the very elitists brainwashing youth at these indoctrination camps. So dig it they say you need college, you get that education falling into debt and then they pander to these uninformed new debtors to rage and protest! Here’s a thought Keely, why don’t you dopes first start with the rich 1%r colleges and universities that are financially raping people for useless degrees! America don’t you find it interesting how these dopes like Keely attack the rich but never start with the very institutions they’re being brainwashed at to pay their fair share first!?

America do you not see how evil and corrupt the higher education system has become?

If you want to be a doctor or lawyer or something that truly requires a high degree then by all means go to college, if not you’re wasting your time and money! Take that money and start your own business. For you dopes getting wacky degrees in basket weaving don’t bitch when you can’t get a job related to your bizarre degree and BTW NO ONE held a gun to your little commie/socialist/marxist head to go to a $25-40K per year school to get your bullshit degree either!

It’s real simple if you commies, socialists and marxists don’t like it here go to Cuba! Obama just opened the door there, please go and tell us how wonderful it is to live there. Go to Venezuela, Brazil, Iran or any socialist European nation that offers all the free stuff and let us know how wonderful it is.

One last thought, Mullen tells Cavuto one of the methods these invalids could use to get their way is a “mass movement of people in the streets”? Hmm are these children planning to take the campus uprising against admin and faculty we’re seeing now against corporations and hard-working Americans? Occupy tried that already and failed miserably Keely you twit! You will not change this nation into a sick twisted progressive utopian dream since HISTORY has proven that dream has NEVER worked… well it has only to result in blood, mass death and destruction.

If you don’t like here GET OUT!

Moms and dads get your kids out of these damn schools indoctrination camps ASAP!