Ted Cruz: Nothing Compassionate About Giving American Jobs to Illegals

Anyone running for office who is preaching to provide any form of amnesty might as well run on the DNC ticket. John Kasich and Jeb Bush are two people running for POTUS on the GOP ticket proved in the Fox Business debate they care more about illegal aliens well being and ability to have a job over Americans. Granted other candidates like Rubio are just as bad, his actions with the Gang of 8 are unforgivable, but Cruz is the one conservative candidate dead on saying there is nothing compassionate about giving American jobs to illegal aliens.

Illegals are taking jobs from Americans and they have driven wages down. They are willing to work for less because many live in packs sharing the costs of living.

As for Trump’s plan on building a wall, which Cruz himself says will be built under his admin, is solid which all good, decent and rational Americans want. A wall will not only keep illegals out but helps as far as national security goes. For whatever reason those against the wall always relate it to the plight of illegals they never address the drugs, gun running, human trafficking for the sex trade and movement of criminals and terrorist across the border who pose a national security threat.

One last thing, YES John Kasich you can deport 11+ million illegal aliens. Its very simple, first enforce all the immigration laws already on the books. Second cut off ALL entitlements aka free stuff that’s is baiting illegals to cross into the US. The govts lack of action and enforcement has made life easy for illegals to function here. If life is made difficult if not impossible for illegals to exist, with no jobs, no one assimilating to them they will leave.