Fmr Trump Operative Calls for #DaysofRage, Threatens to Expose Where RNC Delegates Are Staying

While former Trump advisor Roger “Dirty Trickster” Stone claims he’s not calling for violence, but praises using “reverse” Alisnky (reverse uhheh), is it not safe to assume some who will be attending #DaysofRage don’t care about the rules! Haven’t most protests conducted with good intentions that disintegrated to violence are because of a few infiltrators with ulterior motives?

Stone then states he will disclose where RNC delegates will be staying so protesters can have a conversation with the delegates, “directly involved in a steal” of the nomination. He can sugarcoat it all he wants but in the eyes of most people and those in attendance this is a clear act of intimidation.

America there is no act of theft being committed as of right now. If no one reaches 1237 delegates before the convention, then it will become a contested convention going to a series of ballots. As long as the rules already in place, that ALL the candidates AGREED to, remain unchanged there is NO THEFT.

Trump and his surrogates right now are putting out misinformation of how the system works and what the rules are. As matter of fact Trump himself just said he doesn’t care about the rules!

This shows his ignorance, arrogance and frankly is dangerous because he and others have already planted the seeds for a riot. If everything goes by the book but the results are not in Trump’s favor I have no doubt violence will follow because people have been completely uninformed how a system works by Trump and his surrogates. Keep in mind this system has been in place for 156 years! It was good enough for Lincoln and Reagan, so it should be good enough for Trump.