Rep Chaffetz Rips DHS/ICE Secretary For RELEASING 86,000 Criminal Aliens Onto Streets of America

Rep Chaffetz chairing Oversight Committee hearing on Criminal Aliens Released by the Department of Homeland Security opens by going through a shocking list of criminal stats committed by criminal illegal aliens against Americans.

231000 crimes from homicide, sexual assault, robbery, burglary, kidnappings etc took place from 2013-2015 under Sec Saldaña’s watch. Chaffetz points out under her watch the number of criminals released is larger than the number of people who could fit Notre Dame football stadium! Think about that for a minute… More than a football stadium of people set loose on the streets of America who are here illegally with criminal record, many extremely violent!

Granted Sec Saldaña is to blame but let’s be honest she’s just doing what she’s told to do. DHS is under the Executive Branch, these monsters released on Americans streets are because of obama. Every single life affected by these criminal aliens are lives obama helped destroy!

Where’s justice, where’s punishment? US military who hold your oath in such high regard are you paying attention or more concerned with hanging on to your rank and pension?