Cruz: ‘If You Want a President Like John Boehner, Donald Trump’s Your Man’

Ted Cruz responded to attacks from ousted fmr House Speaker John Boehner who called him “Lucifer in the flesh”. If standing up for the Constitution and American people make Cruz Lucifer then I guess a large segment of Americans are Lucifer in the flesh too!

Here’s what you need to know about Trump and Boehner (aka GOP establishment), as Cruz pointed out, they are pals who go golfing together and are texting buddies. For an outsider Trump sure does have a lot of friends and endorsement from the insiders aka establishment. The reason Boehner called Cruz Lucifer was because Cruz stood up to him and the DC establishment who are screwing all of us.

For the record Cruz has been vindicated since being blamed for the 2013 govt shutdown over obamacare. Losses continue to mount for providers and premiums continue to rise for all Americans. Boehner (whom Trump gave $100k to one of his PACs) and company PROMISED to stop obamacare but never did, Cruz was only one standing up to the machine!

Boehner’s attacks on Cruz in defense of Trump makes one consider this tweet (although unsubstantiated) is highly probable in this insane world we find ourselves in!

Trump supporters if this is true, knowing what we know about Boehner and how you all wanted to see him ousted will you still support Trump having the epitome of GOP establishment as his running mate?