NO, Brad Thor NEVER Advocated For Trump to Be Assassinated (Listen)

It is beyond disgusting and shameful how the alt-right media is pushing pure lies that author Brad Thor called for Trump’s assassination, if elected POTUS. You want to talk about reading between the lines and hearing things in your head, that is exactly what these alt-right hacks are suggesting for web page clicks.

Thor called into the Glenn Beck radio show raising concerns he has had with a potential Trump presidency. Many have written and Thor agreed Trump is an authoritarian but points out he finds him more like a Latin-American caudillo(strongman),like Chavez, who could very well be far worse as POTUS than obama. Because of those fears of massive powers grabs and how Congress has been spineless dealing with obama’s power grabs Thor asked…

“…I gotta ask you a question and this is serious, this could bring down incredible heat on me cause I’m about to suggest something very bad.

It is a hypothetical I’m going to ask as a thriller writer.

With the feckless, spineless Congress we have who will stand in the way of Donald Trump overstepping his Constitutional authority as President? If Congress won’t remove him from office what patriot will step up in do that, if.. if he overstepped his mandate as President, his Constitutional granted authority I should say as President? If he over steps that how do we get him out of office and I don’t think there is a legal means available? I think it will be a terrible, terrible position the American people will be in to get Trump out of office cause you won’t be able to do it through congress.”

August LandmesserThor NEVER said anything whatsoever about acts of violence let alone a call for an assassination. The same call for a patriot to stand up could be said RIGHT NOW about anyone in DC right because the system is completely broken. Thor is asking what Patriot will stand up against the machine. We have had a few stand up in Congress to do what’s right. Ted Cruz did it trying to stop obamacare right before it kicked in. He was demonized but in hindsight he was right as 0-care has turned into a total disaster. Rand Paul had his share of marathon filibusters as well trying to stop govt intrusion on the American people. This is about standing up and doing what’s right. It’s about being like August Landmasser and saying NO! Thor is asking if Congress won’t act who else in DC will or maybe, in his HYPOTHETICAL, he is asking for military intervention. But to suggest the man is calling for the President to be assassinated is just disgusting and untrue.

“Yes but Thor just said “this could bring down incredible heat” on him, so he meant it” Really? Again where in this clip does he call for an assassination? “He suggested it”. Again cite the words he said for an assassination. Asking for a Patriot to stand up against a tyrant doesn’t automatically mean kill them. Thor is not stupid HE KNOWS the Secret Service will pay him a visit if he did.

Some of you out there need to stop with this nonsense. You act like obama supporters where you just don’t want to silence someone you’re out to literally DESTROY them for offering their opinion you don’t agree with.

Let me close this out by saying Thor is concerned about this country’s future, the Constitution, YOU AND YOUR FUTURE!