Trump Warns Refugees Will Launch Next 9/11 Style Attack

Trump gave an interview to the debut of the National Border Patrol Council’s The Green Line radio show, as its inaugural guest. When asked Trump warned the next 9/11 style attack will by launched by refugees coming to the US from the middle east. The fact we haven’t been attacked yet is surprising which means something spectacular, but IMO low-tech, is coming.

No, it won’t be airplanes flown into buildings, car bombs or a single bombing. ISIS has mastered low-tech mass killing where people are grouped en masse like at music venues, sports and political events. Imagine Bataclan Theatre, Boston Marathon, San Bernardino, Ft Hood and Kenyan Westgate Mall attacks ALL happening simultaneously across America in every major city and suburb! No tanks, no fighters, no bombers, no helicopters, NO Special Forces, SRT or SWAT will be able to do anything to protect Americans. Law enforcement will be stretched beyond its limits to respond leaving us to fend for ourselves.

13% of Syrian refugees polled have a positive view on ISIS. I crunched the numbers mos ago using a smaller percentage of those refugees polled where 136 hardcore ISIS fighters/ supporters would be brought into the US under obama’s refugee assistance plan (he wants to bring 85,000). As listed above we know what 2-7 ISIS fighters (terrorists) are capable of. IMAGINE the carnage of what at least 136 could do in the US!

Like him or not Trump is right and odds are those who will be attacking the US are already here… prepare America.