13% of Syrian Refugees Polled Have Positive View on ISIS

A poll was conducted in 2014 by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies whose results should be alarming for anyone who is in favor of bringing Syrian refugees into the US. While some sites like HuffPo are trivializing these results let’s do some simple math to put the poll into perspective as of today.

Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies 2014 poll

Obama told the world, after the Paris attack, he wants to increase the number of refugees brought into the US to 85,000. The poll shows 4% of Syrian refugees have a Positive view of ISIL with another 9% are Positive to some extent (that gives us 13%). 13% of (X) 85,000 = 11,050…. 11,050 people who have positive view of ISIS being brought into the US is not acceptable. Now for shits and giggles and to satisfy the social justice warriors let’s only use the 4% figure of those who were polled as “Positive”.

4% x 85,000 = 3,400 “refugees” who approve of ISIS. Hell let’s take 4% of that = 136. Now as we have done this math keep in mind the FBI and other govt agencies heads have all said adamantly they have no way to vet these refugees with 100% certainty they pose no threat to the US. 136 is still far too large of a number of people to allow into the US where it’s safe to assume they hate this country and would do harm to Americans.

We have seen how much damage and carnage 1, 2 or a small group of terrorists can do. Does anyone have any idea what 136 could do?

19 terrorists killed 3000 people and brought down the World Trade Center while leaving the Pentagon burning
7 terrorists killed 130 people in Paris at a concert
1 terrorist killed 13 people at Ft Hood a US military base
1 terrorist killed 4 people in Tennessee at a two military installations
2 terrorists killed 14 people in San Bernardino at a Christmas party
1 terrorist killed 50 people at an Orlando gay nightclub
[these are the high profile examples, there are plenty more]

… plenty more stats out there of a small number of terrorists with medium to high number of kills not to mention those wounded. We could even expand on this to include the bodycount from mass shootings which is a tactic used by terrorists besides suicide bombings etc. The point is if just one ISIS fighter gets through we are going to have a very bad day. We already know they are here training, preparing as FBI Dir Comey said they have investigations in  every state…

The Paris attack has proven ISIS is using the refugee crisis to get fighters into other countries. So why in God’s name would anyone want to deliberately ship them into the US? The president and anyone who supports bringing Syrian refugees into the US you do understand you will have blood on your hands if anything happens?!

This leaves one to wonder who is the bigger threat to America: the terrorists or those wanting to bring them in!?