WH Press Sec Suggests ‘Just Putting Up Curtains’ Will Protect Privacy in Transgender Locker Rooms

There he goes again! Josh dis-Earnest telling America to just deal with dictator obama’s transgender school directive and put up curtains in locker rooms. A curtain is not going to stop some freak perving with a camera on our kids taking a shower. A curtain is not going to stop some freak from “bumping” into our kids while they shower. The needs of the few or the one outweighs the needs… PRIVACY of the many!

There are over 330 mil people in the US where transgenders account for apprx 700K but WE have to accommodate them because their civil rights are being violated but what about our civil rights that get violated?

Again we are NOT talking about the Caitlyn Jenner’s or Chaz Bono’s, we’re talking about the freaks (perverts degenerates) taking advantage of this directive… this edict from his majesty. This is social re-engineering of this country fulfilling Darth Hussein’s™ promise to fundamental transformation of the USA.

Parent you have got to stand up and cross the line on this one or more radical power grabs will connote from this monster whose been unleashed since 2014. Moms, Dads if this means you have to follow your kid into a public restroom do it. If it means your kid fails gym class, then give them the blessing. If people do not take a stand against this more will come you can bank on it.