Trump: ‘Everything is a Suggestion’, ‘I’m Always Flexible on Issues”

Calling in to the Today Show Trump addressed comments he made on Kilmeade and Friends about the muslim ban being just a suggestion. According to Trump because he is not president everything he says right now is just a suggestion [so don’t bank on it]. Donald went a step further again stating he is always flexible on issues. So everything he has been preaching at rallies to earn votes is what? In a normal sane world they’re considered campaign promises. Candidate obama had many campaign promises and never changed them, like obamacare. Candidates Bush, Bill Clinton, Bush Sr, Reagan etc all made campaign promises and followed through on many but this time around this candidate is just making suggestions.

Take note Trump just set a new precedent, campaign promises are now suggestions subject to change under a politician who is always flexible!

This blanket statement today (that is what it is) should be a yuge red flag to his supporters, but Trump has proven he could literally randomly kill someone in the middle of 5th Ave and they wouldn’t care.

Trump Train what else has Trump promised, proposed and campaigned on that is now just a suggestion? Paying off the debt? Making China pay? Building the wall? Clearly what Pelosi said about obamacare, “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it” also applies to a Trump presidency. We have to elect him to see what he will actually do?! C’mon people use some common sense, wake up, we still have few primaries left and a convention coming up to get the right person in.