DNC Chair Struggles With Excuse FBI Investigation Not About Hillary

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Scultz defines radical progressive propagandist who will do anything including making herself look like a complete I D I O T on national television to protect FELON Hillary Clinton. The odds that someone inside the FBI is feeding her info is slim to none. The way DWS struggles when asked directly is proof she’s lying through her teeth. How do we know that? FBI Dir Comey stated in a pen-and-pad session he has no idea what a “security inquiry” is..

…the FBI is investigating Clinton at the least for being negligent putting national security at risk.

The laws Clinton has broken of course are irrelevant to a master propagandist (although she fails miserably here) like DWS. To progressives the laws only apply when it’s in their favor. You folks in FL who keep electing this woman should all be ashamed of yourselves. You are as complicit as she is in defending that felon.

Hey Debbie don’t fret you screwed up today, Goebbels is still proud of you!