Pirro: Clinton Broke the Law But The Fix Is In Because Hillary Threatened the President (Watch)

Hillary Clinton should be in jail, but since she is a DC elitist it becomes more clear each day she goes free nothing will come out of this FBI investigation. Clinton’s confidence, the lack of the a special prosecutor being appointed by AG Lynch and the dismissive attitude from the obama regime tells us all we need to know. Let’s be honest even if the FBI was to indict Clinton obama will pardon her because she could bring down the entire regime if she wanted as the Judge points out, “Hillary threatens the President”!

If FBI Director James Comey respects the country as much as Pirro suggests and he does not indict Clinton then we will have final confirmation the US is a Banana Republic.

What would be more of a Constitutional crisis:
indicting Clinton who will implicate obama in the crimes she broke and whatever else she may have done and know?
letting a criminal who is running for POTUS go free who could very well win the election bringing her criminality to the Oval Office creating more havoc, committing more crimes (because she can) to this nation?

As an American, forget political leaning, I would rather see this woman indicted which could very well trigger a massive house of cards to come down than see her go free. Letting Clinton go free sets a terrible precedent and if she gets elected she would unleash hell on this nation with her radical progressive agenda.