Radical Leftists Attack Trump Supporters, Burn American Flag at Trump San Jose Rally (Watch)

Lets be clear this was no protest this was a riot as we’ve seen time and again at other Trump events. Secondly, make no mistake about it this is obama’s America. He has set the tone encouraging leftists to “get into their neighbors faces”…

and “bring a gun a to a knife fight” etc over the last 7.5 years. Obama has stoked the flames dividing this nation enabling this violent behavior where even an editor from Vox (since been suspended) was calling for more violence!

Donald Trump and his supporters have a right to free speech and public assembly the radical left is deliberately violating. These people are hardcore Bernie Sanders supporters (socialists) as well as marxists, communists, pro open-border (La Raza), anarchists etc who will gladly assault those they disagree with and destroy and burn the American flag because they hate this country. They’re also not too bright because the more they attack the stronger they make Trump’s case for the presidency!