100 Million Americans Out of Work: Unemployment Rate “Drops to 4.7%” as Record Number of Americans Remain Out of Labor Force

For the doubters out there let’s get the math out of the way.
These numbers are based on the govts Bureau of Labor Statistics, STR didn’t make them up!

94,708,000 Americans out of the labor force
+7,400,000 Americans on the books listed as unemployed
= 102,108,000 Americans out of work!

Now keep in mind this number doesn’t include those who are using their disability insurance (at record levels) after their unemployment benefits ran out!

If the economy, according to obama, is in a recovery…

… and we’ve been saved from another depression then why are over 100 million Americans still out of work? Why did only 38,000 people find a job in May? Why are Americans bringing home less money now than they did 8 years ago? Obama just this week bragged about job creation and how well the US is doing but let’s be honest those jobs “created and saved” are part-time jobs being filled by Americans who already have a full-time job or 1-2 part-time jobs because there is no full-time work available.

Now for that employment rate of 4.7% the imperial obama regime will brag about, it’s a joke since another 450,000 left the workforce and were not factored in(as always). The true unemployment rate continues to hold at 23%…

shadow stats may 2016

FYI the highest the UE rate was during the Great Depression was 24.9% in 1933.

So why are people bringing home less and no full-time jobs available? I’ll tell you why as I have been saying repeatedly here for years:

There is no economic recovery. We were not saved from an economic depression because we are in fact in the eye of a storm of a stealth depression that will get worse.

What nation in history has ever pulled itself out of a depression when it produces nothing? All the great economic scholars would laugh to hear a debtor nation whose economy is based on service is proclaimed by its leader to be in full recovery with less than 1% GDP growth for the quarter.

Spend your money wisely America. There is absolutely nothing saying we couldn’t end up like Venezuela!