Black Lives Matter Members Call for Running Over and Shooting Police

Such peaceful people only wanting to get their message out huh?

BLM and their supporters throw fits when you cite vids like this or call them domestic terrorists (which they fit the FBI’s definition to a T), but what else are we to conclude when this is all that we see from them. Vile rhetoric, getting in cops faces, calling for violence and revolution all outweighs the handful of “peaceful” protests (Yes, Dallas was a peaceful protest but word had it, it wasn’t an “official” BLM event).

Tell you what BLM, if you are tired of being labeled domestic terrorists and treated like thugs then stop acting like it! If it isn’t you but the ppl around you at your protests oust them! Isolate, surround these agitators as the TEA Party did at many events when they had infiltrators…

Stop making excuses, stop blaming others, stop disobeying orders and attacking the police and grow the hell up!