Megyn Kelly Gets Into Heated Battle With Comedian DL Hughley Over Race Relations & Police Shootings

Gotta hand it to Megyn Kelly keeping it classy as she got into this heated debate with DL Hughley over the recent police shootings.

This guy… this clown went on full attack mode spouting his biased radical leftist beliefs dismissing FACTS when the Mike Brown shooting was brought up. The more Kelly hit him with absolute truths the ruder and more insulting Hughley got, which is typical of leftists. When they are getting their ass beat in a debate they always resort to personal attacks.

Radio host and activist Kevin Jackson chimed in after the segment on Twitter calling Hughley a racist which makes sense the way he carried on and treated Kelly.

In leftists world it’s to hell with the DOJ findings and eye-witness testimony in front of a grand jury right DL?

The problem isn’t racist cops, or a faulted system, the problem is street thugs pushing cops limits threatening and assaulting them resulting in someone getting shot.

If you want to see police related shootings end DL then why don’t you start advocating people stop fighting police, stop being disrespectful, if they are innocent fight cops in court? Don’t even pull that “they can’t afford an attorney” nonsense bc we know there a re plenty of civil rights attorneys just waiting for the opportunity to jump on a bad arrest case. Why the nasty behavior which only escalates leading to violence? Guys like you, uninformed, resistant to the truth are the problem who amp things up.