Border Surge: Illegals From Terror Linked Countries Crossing Southern Border

Securing the border has nothing to do with race so anyone saying those in favor hate Mexicans etc are lying and frankly willfully putting the US in danger. OTM’s (Other Than Mexican) is a bigger concern than those who are allegedly crossing the border looking for a job. Those opposed to securing the border want to ignore the drug runners, human traffickers for the sex slave industry but turning a blind-eye to terrorists crossing is inexcusable and dangerous. From Oct 2016 to May 2016 6400 illegal OTM’s from the middle east, Asia and Africa have been captured (remember these are the ones on the books) but how many are getting through right now moving about the streets of America?

Between the OTM’s and criminal illegal aliens being released, this administration has truly put the US in danger and NONE of our elected leaders in Congress are doing, nor saying, anything about it. Again as I’ve stated the US is a Banana Republic, the elites live above the law, getting rich, living in their little fortresses while we are left at the will of criminals and terrorists.

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