Pirro Rips Democrats For Oppressing and Suppressing Minorities

Judge Pirro took a page from Trump’s speech the other day to hammer on democrats for doing nothing for minorities they pander to, to stay in power. Many of the towns and cities (and some states for that matter) that are under democrat control, some for long periods of time, are broke and run down. Yet who do dems blame for their failures? Republicans and white people!

Democrats are behind the poverty, failed economies, loss of jobs, broken educational systems, racial divide and hate we see in the news plaguing many minority communities. This brings on the broken homes and crime that results in altercations we’ve seen between police and minorities. From there leftist radicals step in bringing chaos to cities like Milwaukee, Baltimore and Ferguson where they’re only hurting the community they’re supposedly present to help, when they riot, loot and burn down property.

You don’t see these problems (at such high levels) in towns and cities run by republicans and conservatives. Yes these problems in general plague all of America but the real hot spots are those run by democrats. Dem voters when are you going to wake up?