“Clock Boy” Suing School District For $15M Over Civil Rights Violation

Kids around the country have been kicked out and/ or suspended from school for drawing pics of guns, eating Pop-Tarts in the shape of guns, wearing American Flag/ Patriotic/ NRA t-shirts and many other STUPID reasons. But this kid, a TOOL for CAIR, “made¹” (use that lightly) a “clock” that looks like a suitcase bomb in a pencil case and he’s put on a pedestal, praised by the corrupt media who is now suing the school for $15 million over civil rights violation!? And he’ll win too because this country is out of it’s mind insane when it comes to political correctness!

Please God hit reset! reset





¹ Taking an alarm clock apart and shoving the guts into a pencil case doesn’t fall into “making a clock”.

² If you look at the history Ms Attorney, Irving, TX has been under CONSTANT attack by islamic radicals. It is ground zero for civilization jihad waged on America because it is TEXAS!

‘Clock Boy’ suit alleges civil rights violations
by Joe Sterling | CNN
A federal lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Ahmed Mohamed, the Muslim teen who was detained and hauled off in handcuffs last year because authorities thought a handmade clock he brought to his Texas high school to show his teachers was a bomb.

The lawsuit, filed Monday by Ahmed’s father, Mohamed Elhassen Mohamed, maintains that Ahmed’s civil rights were violated by the Irving Independent School District, MacArthur High School Principal Daniel Cummings and the city of Irving, near Dallas.

The suit said Ahmed’s rights were “violated in contravention of the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments” of the U.S. Constitution. It cites “a clear pattern of discrimination based upon race as well as discrimination based upon religion” in the school district.

The suit also says the state of Texas, including the school district, “has a history of discrimination against Muslims in Texas curriculum and schools.”

The incident took place in September. One of Ahmed’s teachers thought the clock was a bomb and contacted school authorities, who then called police. The boy, then 14, was detained, questioned and taken away in handcuffs…more