Benghazi Hero Says Obama and Hillary Knew Attack Wasn’t a Protest, “We’ve Seen” Consulate Video

John Tiegen, one of the Benghazi heroes, called into Fox Business to speak about leaked dem memos on Benghazi. Tiegen told Fox’s Dierdre Bolton if the admin wants to “squash all the conspiracy theories” the consulate video footage should be released proving the attack was not as a result of a protest as the regime claimed! But to do that would prove Hillary, obama and Susan Rice are liars as they sat there and watched Americans die…

Americans, more specifically a US Ambassador operating out of a CIA outpost the admin knew if rescued would have been questioned by the House and Senate as to what he was doing in Benghazi with minimal support!
Americans who knew this admin was running guns into the middle east; first to Libyan “rebels” to oust Kadaffi, second to “rebels” in Syria, who turned out to be ISIS, via Turkey!