Hidden Vid Exposes DNC and Clinton Campaign Collusion to Start Violence at Trump Rallies

This has got to be one of the best video exposés on what we already knew but is now fully documented thanks to James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas! When you see these people admitting to the connections to the DNC, Clinton campaign and actual protests that turned violent on the ground your blood will boil!

The democrat party of tolerance once again is shown it’s really the party of unethical and criminal activity, division and violence. To this day every single protest that has resulted in violence in one way or another is by the hands of the democrats. BLM, Occupy all the way back to the radicals of the 60’s and further democrats are the ones who start violence. Thanks to technology we can document them plotting, scheming and breaking federal election law in real-time!

With regards to the potential of election law being broken here’s the problem: Jim Comey proved over the summer the US is a Banana Republic by letting Clinton go free after violating the Espionage Act, so there is no faith/ trust in the FBI or DOJ to deal with the collusion Project Veritas exposes in this video (keep in mind more are to come).

All we can do is share this out in hopes of reaching enough Americans to see the lies, deceit and corruption of the democrats. This must go viral!