Megyn Kelly Grills Obamacare Architect Over Rising Costs and Providers Dropping Out

Dr Zeke Emanuel is so deplorable, blaming everyone to protect this epic failure, the biggest failure in US history.. he has got to be one of the most dishonest SOB’s in the US. From the onset of his appearance on the Kelly File he spun and pointed the finger of blame on everything and everyone but himself. This obamination of a law was doomed from day one. I said it, every single conservative politician (few rebels in DC), TEA Party activists, conservative related news sites, blogs and commentators said it.

“We” warned of rising costs to providers, premiums doubling where families are spending more vs the $2500 in savings they were promised, lower-level of care, patients losing their doctors, negative effect to the economy → businesses not spending as much to expand rather pay fines, reduced hiring, worker hours cut etc. Everything that was predicted by evil right wingers has in fact come true!

Obamacare will eventually collapse on itself because it was designed to! Why? Single payer was the end goal for the power players behind it. Govt run healthcare is and has always been the goal because it means more control and power over the people, like everything they touch!