Russian Ministry of Defense Warns They Will Shoot Down Any Aircraft or Missile Fired on Syrian Govt

The US (aiding rebels) and Russia (aiding the Assad regime) are engaged in a proxy war in Syria. For those still doubting the Russians are preparing for war with the West add this clip to the list of warnings being ignored by the media and both the Trump and Clinton campaigns.

The Russian Ministry of Defense is warning that any aircraft or missiles fired on Syrian military/ govt positions will be taken out by Russian ground to air defense systems (S-400 and S-300 air defense systems operated by Russian forces and Syrian forces operating S-200 and BUK). With Russians on the ground aiding the Syrian govt they will do whatever they have to to protect their people, even if that means firing on American aircraft.

“Therefore, any missile or air strikes on the territory controlled by the Syrian government will create a clear threat to Russian servicemen.”

Rumor-mill in DC says obama is planning to take a larger action in Syria for “humanitarian reasons”, just as Soros is calling for action over ‘heinous crimes against humanity’. This “rumor” caused Sen Mike Lee to post on his Facebook page that Congress is the only body who can declare war…

The admin had it’s chance to deal with ISIS and failed. It also failed to gather support from other nations to deal with ISIS. Committing US forces in the middle of the Syrian civil war honestly isn’t our problem let alone business. It’s a humanitarian crisis so let the UN deal with it WITHOUT the meddling US involved for once!

Congress needs to get their act together to put obama in his place once and for all before he gets us into an actual war with Russia that we’re not prepared for! While Americans are focused on who is the better choice between the 2 worst candidates running for POTUS and Kim Kardashian getting robbed, 40 Million Russians are participating in a civil defense drill right now!

Original clip for those who speak Russian and can provide any input or context