“Tolerant, Peaceful” Hillary Supporters Harass and Assault Homeless Woman Protecting Trumps Hollywood Star

‘She’s spewing hate..’

SO WHAT! This homeless woman protecting Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star is not hurting anyone, she like anyone else has the right to say what she wants! Radical leftists filled with hate as usual cannot contain themselves as they encircle and harass her. Then again isn’t that like violent radical leftists to be so offended by what someone says they lash out, but when they do it it’s okay because they’re expressing their free speech rights! The radical left is tolerant and peaceful so long as you agree with them. They only care about the Constitution when it suits them, they would take a match to it given the opportunity!

As this confrontation escalates going physical take note not one person, not even the G-D media present, stepped in to help this woman.


Hillary Clinton is no God and neither is Donald Trump, but fanatics on both sides, who believe they are, are getting way out of control. These scumbags destroying her signs, the fat piece garbage that shoved her down should be ID’d and charges filed against them for assault. Oh wait, because she supports Trump and lives in communist CA that won’t happen.

Lemme give you progressive drones some advice, the day is going to come when you push the wrong persons buttons and then they’re going to whip your ass. Keep it up you drones a day of reckoning is coming…