Trump Supporters, Unless You Want Pelosi as Speaker Again Please Stop Calls to Punish Republicans

Trump supporters are calling to punish republicans running for re-election who have pulled support for Trump following the release of an 11 year old offensive recording about women (when Trump was a private citizen and a democrat). While it’s understandable that supporters are angered over this latest battle between Trump and the establishment GOP they are clearly not comprehending the repercussions of taking such action.

TrumpTrain the primaries have been over for weeks the time to unseat them has come and gone, all you would be doing now is handing Congressional seats to democrats. More importantly you all do understand that without a GOP majority in the House and Senate, Nancy Pelosi would become Speaker again? You do understand without a GOP majority, if elected, president Trump would be powerless against a democrat controlled Congress? There will be NO border wall built, NO extreme vetting of immigrants and refugees, NO Constitutional justices confirmed by the Senate for SCOTUS!

Furthermore, if you punish republicans on the down-ticket and Trump loses to Hillary that would mean the White House, Senate and House would be under a democrat super majority.. again! Need you be reminded what happened the last time they had that much power? Or do you all enjoy obamacare, rise of ISIS, being on the hook for bailouts and the national debt being doubled etc etc?! They learned a lesson wasting so much time on a few bills, everything obama didn’t get done under his reign of terror Hillary will complete and then some.

Thanks to Wikileaks Hillary is on record that she will push for open trade and borders which will hurt all Americans. She will raise taxes on everyone causing more job losses and put a strain on our already weak economy. She will propose a remedy (single payer) for the failing obamacare law that was rammed through by the last super majority, take action against the Second Amendment and all our other freedoms.

Trump and all of you are not helping matters by focusing on and attacking the GOP while Hillary builds support and grows her voter base. We know the democrats will commit massive voter fraud as they have done in the past. It is imperative to hold the slim majority the GOP has in Congress, so..
KNOCK IT OFF! We cannot afford a third obama term.