NYC Democrat Election Commissioner Exposes Massive Voter Fraud Committed By Party

Democrats will do whatever it takes to get Hillary Clinton, the most vile, corrupt politician in US history elected.

For the few people still living under a rock believing democrats are not the party of dishonesty and fraud videos like this should put that to rest. Alan Schulkin, NYC Democrat Election Commissioner, seems like a good guy bothered by the fraud being committed by his fellow democrats, but why has he remained silent? As honest and upset as he is, we know why… party comes before country!

Sure the dem party will carry on that republicans are just as bad but where are the videos of republicans plotting voter fraud? Where are the stories about republican voters being caught and sent to jail like we see from democrats?

Dems present themselves as the champions of the people, ethics and morals but in reality they are the party of corruption, depravity and modern enslavement. Their logic, you need a ID to enter one of their events, drive a car or own a gun but not vote!