Anti-Trump Protester Tackled Giving Speech at OSU Union

Hands down this is the feel good video of the day! I don’t know who this kid is, dressed like Waldo, but he deserves a medal for knocking this whiny, sniveling, anti-Trump protester, Tim Joseph, down at OSU’s Union! Like the drones these anti-Trumper’s are, they start some Borg like chant to shame the “tackler”. These dolts just don’t get it. They don’t understand Trump’s election is a national referendum on everything they and their handlers represent. The country has had it with all of them, I suspect we will see more of this kind of heroism! LOL

Of course the “man who tackled Joseph, who has not been identified, was arrested and placed under indefinite suspension from Ohio State, said Gerard Basalla, Undergraduate Student Government president and a fourth-year in political science and strategic communication.

“The assault that occurred — that’s what it was — in the Union tonight is completely unacceptable,” Basalla told The Lantern. “Every person on this campus has the right to feel safe and voice their opinion without fearing harm. We can’t be having this.”” ~ Lantern

I’m sure OSU admin treats leftists the same way right? I won’t be holding my breath though for anyone to point out a time conservatives were speaking and assaulted by smelly, stinky, dirty mentally challenged leftists at OSU. Even if it has happened we can be sure the admin will side with the mentally unstable libs.

Hey libs get used to this, we’re just getting started!